Small breasts are sexy again with Meg at Midnight petite lingerie

Women with smaller breasts can get their confidence back. Several pieces from this new collection available to order online are simply irresistible means of  seduction.
I always couldn’t stand padded hard-cup bras. So thumbs up for Meg at Midnight for bringing something that makes petite figures stand out naturally.
And this masterpiece is a hit of a season:
Meg at Midnight. Open bottom panties

Meg at Midnight. Open bottom panties

Something about the brand:

Meg at Midnight – a new designer brand for undergarments for women with smaller breasts. Collection:  Spring-Summer 2013,  ‘Else’. As the brand states:

…is inspired by the elegance, mystery, and magnetism of the 1920s era. Subtle hints such as frilled lace edges are apparent on the pieces, as seen on the Marion and Opal sets.

Meg at Midnight lingerie are carefully structured to fit and flatter rather than enhance petite figures. It aims to empower smaller busted women to embrace their shape and come out confident rather than resorting to expensive and potentially hazardous cosmetic operations.

All Meg at Midnight products are designed and finished in the UK.








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